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Origins with James Andrew Miller Originscreated and hosted by James Andrew Miller -- the award-winning journalist and best-selling author of books on Saturday Night Live, ESPN, and CAA, the Creative Artist Agency --will explore the brave beginnings of the worlds of television, movies, sports, music, business, or even human relationships to explain how greatness starts and how critical happenings come to be.

Listeners will hear firsthand from those who were "there at the start," who hatched The Great Ideas, or who arrived in time to turn those great ideas into formidable realities.

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Origins will strive to reveal the unexpected, the unpredicted, and those aimee mann ted leo tour dates of luck and fate that no one sees, or saw, coming. These will include pivotal junctures, trapped doors and level jumps.

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This podcast series will chart the pedigree of success, celebrating entrepreneurship and examining the frustrations and nightmares that, suddenly or inevitably, occur along the way. Lars Paulsen und Ivy Haase wissen viel, beziehungsweise sind sie ganz gut im Ablesen der echten Fakten. Schreib uns gern deine dir am Herzen liegenden Fakten oder Liebesbriefe an kontakt neon.

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