Dating deal breakers

We asked dating and relationship exerts to name some of the biggest deal-breakers people cite for breaking off a relationship.

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From their sense of humor to their looks to the way für immer single anschauen they treat you, everyone has some sort of picture of who they classify as the ideal mate.

Here are 12 dating deal breakers the biggest deal-breakers — according to experts — to compare your list to.


Communication is foundational. Another important topic that should be discussed before deciding to go the long haul with a potential mate, is whether or not you see kids in your future together.

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But if one of you has second thoughts or is on the totally different side than you are, according to Bushman, that should totally be a deal-breaker. They may seem great on paper and you even convince yourself you can make do without your own children for a bit. After a while, however, you may realize that the lack of flexibility from your partner is more than just about not wanting more children.

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A real and lasting relationship would find compromise. Few things are worse than making plans with someone and then having them cancel at the last minute. During the initial dating phase, how your partner chooses to spend their money may not be that big of a deal.

When you choose your partner, you should consider all aspects of dating deal breakers person, and that includes comparing their values to yours. Do they see eye to eye on values like integrity, ambition, love of family, and other things important to you?

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Your partner should never make you feel unsafe and if they do, exiting the relationship should be done with care and potentially with dating deal breakers from a professional and your loved ones. Getty Images They aren't over their ex.

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For many people, lack of ambition or drive in a partner can be a huge turn-off. But according to relationship expert and dating adviser Jeffery L.

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dating deal breakers

If this is happening in your relationship, it should be a deal-breaker. If you are with someone who is dealing with addiction, it can be tempting to stay with them.

dating deal breakers