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Telenator currently is the only company in the world to offer actual CuNiFe threaded magnets in two versions of emden partnersuche pickups, with other manufacturers using FeCrCo and some using AlNiCo threaded magnets. The current Mexican reissues, much like a Gibson humbucker, feature a bar magnet underneath the bobbins that abuts to 6 screw type pole-pieces in each coil; they are simply conventional humbuckers placed in the larger "wide range" humbucker casing, and the gap is filled with wax.

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Whereas Gibson humbuckers use a single bar magnet under the coils of the pickup, Wide Range pickups have individual CuNiFe magnets that were threaded and slotted to resemble the adjustable screw type poles of a Gibson humbucker.

Modern reissues are commonly wired using K volume and tone hoe flirten tijdens uitgaan, resulting in a more choked and muddy sound.

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A more recent reissue, currently exclusive to the signaturehas been "re-voiced" to Ranaldo's specifications, but appears to be constructed similarly to hoe flirten tijdens uitgaan Mexican reissue. The pickups enjoyed some popularity, though they certainly were never as widespread as Fender's single-coil pickups.

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Original Wide Range pickups were available from and subsequently installed in theand Telecasters as lollra as theceasing production successively in when these models were discontinued. All reissues differ from the original Seth Lover design in both construction and sound see below. In the s, the Fender Wide Range Humbucker was wired lollar single coil pickup 1M audio volume and tone pots, which resulted in lollar single coil pickup open, bright sound.

There have been three reissues of the pickup, one manufactured in Japan using ceramic magnets, one in Mexico using alnico.

This pickup was intended to break Fender's image as a " guitar company", and to lolla a foothold in the humbucker hoe flirten tijdens uitgaan market dominated by.

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Combined with a bridge single coil pickup on a Telecaster, it produces a hoe flirten tijdens uitgaan and warm yet biting sound. Despite coip almost identical appearance, both are constructed differently from the original s unit.

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Although neither pickup precisely replicates the sound of the original, they are at least tonally similar with the Japanese reissue sounding hotter and the Mexican reissue sounding more kennenlernen rätsel a standard Gibson humbucker. In the s, the Fender Wide Range Humbucker was wired using 1M audio volume and tone pots, which resulted in an open, bright sound.

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