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OLC does not have the human resources for such services. The easiest way is to ask one of your OLC-experienced club buddies.

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AGS Library Pamphlet Files 96 – 184 Europe, Russia, Turkey

Questions flight section 1. It did not score any points or is not ranked at all. Explanation: 3 different reasons are possible: The flight was executed with a powered sailplane, but your logger file does not include ENL recording.

The logger file is invalid.

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Explanation: Maybe that due to a high number of declarations at a time our server is heavily used and singleton village hall lancashire postpones the evaluation of your flight log.

It could also be possible that the flight was executed with a singleton village hall lancashire glider, but your logger file does not show an ENL Engine Noise Level record. You may also cancel your flight and declare a new one using the appropriate file.

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Changes can only be executed during a 48 hour time window after landing, respectively prior to the registration deadline for league scoring, which is the next singleton village hall lancashire at am UTC. The content of your file is verified by a check sum at the end of it. Reasons for invalidness: a The check sum is missing.

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Please ask the logger manufacturer for help. Explanation: A flight declaration executed with a non-IGC-valid logger will not generate any league score. You may also cancel your flight and declare a new one, using the appropriate file.

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For league flights the registration window closes at am UTC, the next day. If you change your flight after that it will no longer score for the league!

singleton village hall lancashire

Explanation: This may happen with a logger that has not been activated for a while and therefore does not provide the correct date in its IGC file. If you upload the flight without altering its content you will of course not be able to locate it in the scores, because in OLC was not yet invented.

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The flight will however be in our data base, and once you retry uploading you will see a message, that it has already been registered. Solution: None, only kennenlernen google übersetzer manufacturer can update your logger. Hotels in Wrea Green. Buchen Sie jetzt Ihr Hotel!

This means: Start and finish point of the unpowered flight may not be more than 1, m apart, horizontally as well as vertically. The program searches for an FAI-triangle only between these two points.

G Scale running Storth Village Hall, Lancashire 14 April 2019

Only during the registration window of 48 hours after landing it is possible to modify points in time. Explanation: For BHC scoring a m radius around start and finish point is essential m beer canthis is different from DMSt rules. In most cases the start point has not accurately been overflown and the following turn points could thus not score. There are different possibilities to merging files.

Each file to be merged must be complete and valid G record.

2. Questions about scoring

The files have to be joined together without gaps, the time difference B record from file to partnersuche kostenlos leipzig shall not exceed 60 seconds in each case. Changes can only be executed during the time window of 48 hours after landing, respectively before the registration deadline for league flights, which ends at am UTC the next day.

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Changes can only be executed during a time window of 48 hours after landing, respectively before the registration deadline for league flights, which ends at am UTC the next day. The OLC server may occasionally not correctly determine the begin and the end ofthe flight without propulsion.

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The OLC server interrupts the valuation of the flight file. In the OLC barogram only that part of the flight is visible which has been evaluated. According to the IGC a maximum logging interval of 60 seconds is allowed.

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Possible reason B: There is a jump back clock jump in the time recording. According to the IGC, the time records must be made chronologically and continuously. You may also change your callsign and contest number in the same way.